PCR analysis now at only 350 pounds

PCR analysis now at only 350 pounds in A PLUS labs
Our laboratories are characterized by accuracy, speed and appropriate prices ✨
Tests are carried out under the supervision of specialized doctors and experts in laboratories 👨🏻 ⚕️
📌 You can benefit from the home visit service for the residents of Cairo, Giza.
📌 For reservations and inquiries, you can contact us at:
📞 01024218979
📞 01060963697
☎️ 0235730322
Or you can contact us through the page messages 📩
or visit our branches
📍 In Giza…

  • 30 Murad Street, Al-Ahly Medical Tower, third floor, Flat 207
  • 42 Mossadeq Street, off Dokki, El Thawra Tower, fourth floor.
  • Giza Square, Al Nasr Tower, in front of Al Istiqama Mosque, second floor.